Company Info


MetaStat (MTST) is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing personalized diagnostic and therapeutic treatment solutions for cancer patients. Our “driver-based” diagnostic biomarkers, based on the Mena protein isoforms, also serve as novel therapeutic targets for anti-metastatic drugs. Unlike surrogate cancer markers, which are indirect measures of cancer and its progression, driver-based biomarkers are the critical components of intracellular cancer pathways responsible for driving the aggressive activity of cancer cells. Our core expertise includes an understanding of the mechanisms and pathways that drive aggressive cancer, tumor cell invasion and metastasis.

MetaStat is developing therapeutic product candidates based on a novel approach that makes intracellular Mena protein isoforms drugable targets. MetaStat’ s head office, research laboratories, and state-of-the-art CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory are located in Boston, MA.