Our patented and proprietary platform technologies are based on the identification of a common pathway for the development of metastatic disease in solid epithelial-based tumors. These discoveries are the result of almost 20 years of collaboration among four scientific/academic institutions that enabled us to understand the underlying biology, including the direct mechanisms of action and primary factors that drive systemic metastasis and drug resistance.

Our technologies are based on the key roles of both the tumor microenvironment and the relative expressions of the Mena protein and its isoforms in the development of metastatic disease and drug resistance.

1. Therapeutic (Rx) drug discovery and development program

We are investigating therapeutic candidates for the potential to prevent or delay aggressive cancer from spreading and becoming resistant to other commonly used targeted and cytotoxic therapies.

 2. Companion diagnostic (CDx) program

We are developing quantitative immunofluorescent, or QIF companion diagnostic assays using our proprietary monoclonal antibodies, that predict how well a cancer patient is likely to respond to treatment with RTK inhibitors and anti-microtubule drugs.

 3. Prognostic diagnostic (PDx) program

Our first prognostic diagnostic product candidates, the MetaSite Breast™ and MenaCalc™ tests, aim to provide actionable information to early stage cancer patients and their physicians regarding the risk of distant metastasis and if the use of adjuvant chemotherapy is warranted.