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180 Day Revenue


180 Day Ad Spend


Latitude, a brand initially lacking in digital purchase tracking capabilities, aimed to establish a robust presence on Meta platforms and achieve a profitable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through an omnipresent content strategy. The goal was to dramatically enhance their online visibility and sales performance within the first six months.


  • Implement comprehensive tracking of purchases on Meta to measure and optimize advertising effectiveness.
  • Achieve a profitable ROAS within the first 180 days.
  • Generate significant revenue through a structured performance marketing campaign.

Strategy Implemented

  1. Omnipresent Content Strategy: Deployed a diverse content strategy across multiple digital channels to maximize reach and engagement.
  2. Ad Spend Optimization: Strategically allocated £41.86k in ad spend to target high-value customer segments due to the high AOV of the product.
  3. Performance Tracking: Introduced advanced tracking mechanisms for better measurement of ad performance, conversion rates, and overall ROI.
  4. Data-Driven Adjustments: Continuously refined the marketing approach based on real-time data to enhance campaign outcomes and reduce any wastage.


  • ROAS Achievement: Successfully reached a ROAS of 7.5, surpassing the initial goal within the first 180 days.
  • Revenue Growth: Generated £314k in revenue, significantly boosting the brand’s performance from digital channels.
  • Ad Spend Efficiency: Effectively utilized a budget of £41.86k in ad spend to generate this return on spend.
  • Purchase Conversion Value: High-value conversions were evident, with individual campaigns yielding up to £45,047.45 in conversion value against a spend of £7,302.98.

Detailed Metrics

  • Impressions and Engagement: Achieved over 1.24 million impressions accompanied by significant engagement.
  • Cost Management: Maintained cost-effectiveness in campaign spends, ensuring that higher CAC was inline with the higher AOV.
  • Purchase ROAS: Recorded varying ROAS figures across different campaigns, with the highest reaching 29.79, showcasing exceptional efficiency in ad spend.


Latitude’s transition from not tracking any purchases to achieving a high ROAS of 7.5 within a competitive digital landscape demonstrates the efficacy of our omnipresent content strategy and robust data analysis. By leveraging precise tracking and continuous optimization, Latitude not only achieved but exceeded its performance goals, setting a scalable model for future growth and success.