World's First Smart LED Motorcycle Helmet

Smart LED Motorcycle Helmet


Before Metastat


After Metastat




VATA 7, a pioneering brand in the motorcycle accessory industry, introduced the world’s first smart LED helmet. The brand aimed to dramatically scale its monthly revenue by performance marketing strategies.


  • Increase monthly revenue through Meta Ads
  • Implement effective performance strategies that cater to an audience who may not purchase right away due to the high value nature of the product.
  • Maintain a strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while scaling ad spend.


  1. Creative Testing Utilised a combination of both new content we created and existing content that had performed well through organic channels and therefore had pre-validation of audience engagement.
  2. Targeted Campaigns: Developed and executed highly targeted campaigns aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts who value advanced, tech-driven gear.
  3. Continuous Optimization: Leveraged real-time data to continually optimise campaigns, improving both reach and conversion


  • Initial campaigns focused on generating awareness and excitement around the unique features of the X1 helmet.
  • Capitalised on creative concepts that were working and doubled down the budget on these to get the msot out of our spend along with creating more content like what was working.
  • Emphasis was placed on maintaining an efficient budget allocation, focusing on strategies that provided the best ROI.


  • Revenue Growth: Scaled monthly revenue from $5K to $50K within the first 180 days of the campaign.
  • ROAS: Successfully maintained an average ROAS of 3.13 across all campaigns, indicating efficient use of the advertising budget.
  • Sales Trajectory: Achieved a consistent increase in sales, showing significant upward trends in revenue from the launch of our campaigns.


The strategic use of content and appropriate campaign structures allowed VATA 7 to not only meet but exceed its revenue goals within a highly competitive market. The combination of both direct-to-offer and awarensss/reach campaigns proved effective in addressing the high value of the product, ensuring that customers were not only aware of the product but also engaged with the brand over time. This case study demonstrates the potential of targeted performance strategies in launching innovative products and rapidly scaling business growth and revenues.