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Revenue in 180 days


Average NCPA




Variety Mode, a new D2C e-commerce brand in the adaptogen space, sought to launch its online presence and achieve significant revenue growth within the first six months of operation. The brand aimed to implement a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) model and maintain a low net cost per acquisition (NCPA).


  • Establishing a strong online presence quickly in a competitive D2C market.
  • Achieving a high subscription renewal rate for sustained revenue.
  • Maintaining a low NCPA while scaling up advertising and customer acquisition.

Strategy Implemented

  1. Performance Campaigns: Implemented a series of targeted performance campaigns across Meta platforms focusing on customer acquisition and brand awareness.
  2. Performance Monitoring: Utilised advanced analytics to monitor performance metrics including sales, website traffic, and advertising spend.
  3. Cost Management: Kept a tight control on the CAC cost, aiming to optimize ad spend while maximizing reach and conversions.
  4. Subscription Model: Promoted a subscription model to ensure a steady revenue stream through recurring payments.


  • Total Sales: Achieved over £300,000 in sales within the first 180 days.
  • Website Performance: Significant growth in online store sessions, reaching 222,713 sessions.
  • Advertising Efficiency: Mantained an average NCPA between £5 to £6 across Meta campaigns, optimizing spend and maximizing conversion rates.
  • Renewal Rate: Successfully attained over a 35% renewal rate onto the subscription model, indicating strong customer retention.
  • Lifetime Value: Ensured that the LTV of our customer allowed us to achieve over a 6X ROAS overall.

Analysis of Key Metrics

  • Reach and Impressions: The campaigns reached up to 497,759 accounts and garnered 1,270,560 impressions, illustrating the high visibility and extensive reach of the advertising efforts.
  • Cost Efficiency: The detailed cost per result analysis helped in reallocating budget towards higher performing ads and discontinuing underperforming ones.
  • Conversion Tracking: Ensured that CAPI was deployed across pixel tracking to allow Meta to report back the most accurate data possible.


Variety Mode’s strategic approach to launching and scaling its online presence through targeted advertising and a robust subscription model proved highly successful. By maintaining a focus on key performance indicators, adjusting strategies in real-time, and prioritizing cost-effective customer acquisition, Variety Mode not only achieved but exceeded its initial revenue goals. This approach has set a strong foundation for sustained growth and continued success in the D2C e-commerce sector.